GAMMA Cold Shrink 4.3-10 Connector to 1/4″ Cable

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GAMMA Cold Shrink 4.3-10 Connectors to 1/4″ Coax Cable Cold shrink (AT&T CEQ.52370)

Gamma’s SDL cold shrink is a specially formulated pre expanded silicone rubber shrink tube that does not
require heat to shrink. It is supplied expanded over an easily removable plastic cylinder. When the plastic cord
is pulled, it allows the silicone tubing to shrink rapidly to seal and protect the connector, while gripping tight around
the cable.

• Installation Temperature: -15⁰ F to 158⁰ F
• Easily Removed with Knife
• Shrink Method: Pull Cord
• Shrink Ratio: Exceeds 2:1
• Colors: Black
• Highly Flexible 15,000 Volt
• IEC 60529 Compliant
• Excellent Tear Resistance UV and Ozone Resistant
• Water Tight and Weather Resistant to IP-68 & IP-69 Standards
• RoHS Compliant with EU RoHS Directive (2005/95/EC)
• Acid and Alkalis Resistant